In addition to my love for performing, I believe it is important to pass on this beautiful tradition of drumming and share the knowledge and experience I've gained over the the years with others who are passionate about the drum kit.

While studying and performing on the drum kit for the past 17 years, I've gained a considerable amount of experience and learned a lot about this incredible instrument. I was fortunate to study with great private teachers growing up and later on work closely with world class musicians at the New England Conservatory of Music including master drummers Billy Hart, Bob Moses as well as percussionist Jerry Leake. 

Over the years I've had a chance to perform in a variety of musical situations which I've learned and developed a great deal from. These include Cyrille Aimee (Award winning Jazz Singer), Cinjun Tate ( lead singer for Remy Zero), Brazilian pianist Henrique Eisenmann, Tipsy Oxcart - 5 piece electric Balkan band which I co-lead, as well as leading the drum section of the military band which I performed with for 3 years. 

Teaching Experience

I've been teaching drums for the past 10 years through public school music programs, music schools and private lessons at my studio.  My students age range from 5 to 55 years young.

How I Teach

Since each student has different musical interests, level, goals and time to put into practicing,  I like to plan the lessons accordingly. Rather than using a consistent method with every student, I make sure to plan out the lesson in a way that fits the student best and encourages him/her to develop and improve his/her playing while having fun doing it.


Possible Areas Covered in Lessons

Technique:    •Rudiments  : Sticking exercises which constitute the drumming language, enabling self-expression on the drum set.

                       •Dynamics  : Controlling your volume and touch on the drums

                       •Time        : Keeping a steady pulse that allows the music to flow and groove  

Independence and coordination:  From exercises to rhythmic styles that combine multiple rhythms simultaneously using 2 to 4                                                                                                            limbs (Aka Polyrhythms) . 

Musical Styles:  Jazz, Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Afro- Cuban and Brazilian music.   

Whether you have no prior experience and are interested in exploring the drums, or would like to learn new ideas, improve your time/touch/feel  -  you are welcome to get in touch with me to schedule a lesson. I teach at my studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Beginner to advanced, all ages are welcome!

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